Freelance Web and Print (1997-2015)

The Flying Owl

The Flying Owl Website

When designer and entrepreneur, Kym DeGenaro, fulfilled her life-long dream by opening her own paper goods boutique, she needed a website landing page... and fast. The Flying Owl is a wonderful little shop with items like greeting cards, journals and notepads, that are crafted by local artisans and complement Kym's edgy sense of humor. If you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, do yourself a favor and visit this great little shop.

Live: 08/2015 - Current (View Site)
Lead: Design, HTML, CSS, CMS (WordPress), responsive layout (Bootstrap)

Hed Cycling (1998-2008)

In 1998, I noticed that Hed Cycling, one of the top names in triathlon and road cycling wheels, didn't have a website. A few phone calls and a few months later, I had the privilege of launching the fist Hed Cycling website. This began a decade long relationship of web and print design for some of the greatest products in the industry.

Lead: Design, HTML, CSS, PHP, E-Commerce, Print Advertising

Hed Cycling

Hed Cycling, Triathlete Magazine, Spring 2007
Published: Triathlete Magazine, Spring 2007

Hed Cycling, Triathlete Magazine, Spring 2005
Published: Triathlete Magazine, Spring 2005

Hed Cycling, Triathlete Magazine, Spring 2004
Published: Triathlete Magazine, Spring 2004

Hed Cycling, Triathlete Magazine, Spring 2003
Published: Triathlete Magazine, Spring 2003

Rick Springfield Merchandise

Singer, songwriter, and musician, Rick Springfield, most famous for his 80's hit, "Jessie's Girl", is still making hits and touring today.

When Sauci Creative launched Rick's new merchandise site in 2009, I was brought in to provide assistance with translating the design to the web.

Live: 2009 - 2012
Lead: CSS
Supplemental: HTML

Rick Springfield Merchandise

Sundance Cycles (2002-2010)

In the Los Angeles area, there are dozens of bike shops to chose from. But Sundance Cycles was unique. It was like a second home; a place to hang out, talk to other cyclists, and build the community. So it only made sense for me to work with them. I created their first website in 2002 and continued through 2010. I also occasionally provided graphics and designs for in-house products and signage.

The pictured design was the final web design iteration that I was able to do for them. Unfortunately, they decided to close the shop before it was able to come to fruition.

Lead: All web design and development (WordPress), technology consultant
Supplemental: Product graphics and in-store signage

Hed Cycling

Debbie Betts, Artist

Debbie Betts' love for painting and cycling inspired this series of paintings, depicting scenes from international races like the Tour de France, local races, as well as individual cyclists.

Debbie contracted me to create a brochure for the launch of the series to go on sale, as well as her line of greeting cards based on the paintings.

Released: 2005
Lead: Design and production

Hed Cycling

Cory the Popcorn’s Big Adventure—Children’s Book

At just nine years old, author and illustrator, Seth Fowler, wrote Cory the Popcorn’s Big Adventure. Realizing that he had something special in this story, eight years later, Seth decided to illustrate the story himself and publish it as a book.

The site was designed for the book's initial publication. The goal was to have something that complemented the book's design and made it easy to find out more about the book and its author, as well as to be able to purchase the book.

Live: 07/2008 - Current (View Site)
Lead: All web design and development. (Pro Bono)

Cory the Popcorn’s Big Adventure